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Helping Seniors Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle


According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “The older we become, the more probable it is that we will adopt a sedentary lifestyle”. Seniors spend more than eight hours sitting each day and only have limited movement. Moving less and taking less engagement in physical activities could only bring more risks to the health of your seniors.

Your health partners at Phoenician Home Care believe that it is never too late to get fit regardless the age. It is also the family’s duty to continuously monitor the activities that their seniors are doing. It is important that the family helps in planning ways for their seniors to get active and more engaged.

Encouraging our seniors to walk at least ten to fifteen minutes around the house is already a good start for them to get active. Introducing them to gardening not just helps entertain themselves but it makes them look forward to doing something physical. Exercising and doing yoga with them boosts their morale to continue doing the activity. You could also find non-medical home care in Phoenix, Arizona that can assist and supervise them in doing little and easy physical activities.

Our home care agency in Arizona has trained caregivers who could execute well the senior care that you have asked for.\

The senior care in Phoenix, Arizona ensures your seniors and family that they could achieve optimal health even in old age.

If you want the best for your senior loved ones call us now through this phone number 480-714-9884 or you could email info@phoenicianhomecare.com.

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