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Debunking Common Myths on Why Seniors Shouldn’t Exercise


We live in a society where mental and physical health is more essential than ever. But some older people still prefer to choose a sedentary lifestyle when in fact that shouldn’t be the case. As we become older, maintaining an active lifestyle becomes more vital than ever for our health. As an older adult, exercise helps reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease, enhance mobility, flexibility, balance, and could also improve brain function.

Phoenician Home Care encourages seniors to keep away from common exercise myths for seniors that hinder their chance of living a healthy life.

Here are some common myths that our home care agency in Arizona wants you to keep out:

  • Older people are frail and physically weak

    Research has shown that even adults with existing disease conditions are capable of engaging in muscle-strengthening exercises prescribe by therapists, physicians, or fitness professionals.

  • Older adults shouldn’t exercise without supervision from a physician

    Adults who do not have a documented illness condition do not require a physician’s permission to begin an exercise program unless the program is high intensity.

  • Regular exercise has little physical or health benefits for elderly individuals

    Regular and appropriate exercise can help improve muscular strength and endurance and lower the risk of various conditions.

Maintaining a commitment to any type of exercise with older individuals is difficult. But with the help of our services, we are confident that our senior care is safe enough and that it aims to give clients the assistance and care they need.

Consult your physician for the ideal exercise routine.

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