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Sleeping Tips to Consider for Dementia Patients


Taking turns in making sure that your elderly loved ones get a good night’s sleep is a common task in every family. You can get help with non-medical home care in Phoenix, Arizona if you need help during nighttime. You can trust a carer to do it instead of you.

If your loved ones are experiencing dementia symptoms, it may become another story. You have to ensure that they have the right home care agency in Arizona to help them have good sleeping schedule. Here are some tips for carers from Alzheimers.gov:

  • Following a regular sleeping schedule
    When the senior citizen is practicing a nightly habit, they would get used to it. It is important to develop such a routine every night as it prevents them from doing other activities. Senior care in Glendale Arizona has professionals to help you out with this task.
  • Prepare a room with a relaxing environment
    Senior care at night is challenging when the bedroom of the geriatric patient is not relaxing enough. You should ensure that they get comfortable bed sheets, the right room temperature, and enough darkness in the room.

Non-medical care agencies like Phoenician Home Care provide help in the night routine of your loved ones with dementia. You can send a message to us today.

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