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Repercussions of Stress


Stress is a natural bodily reaction that occurs whenever we experience immense amounts of pressure or when we go out of our comfort zone. However, common and natural it may be, you cannot negate the fact that experiencing stress can be quite frustrating. In extreme cases, it can even take a toll on your overall health, so as means to alleviate and manage stress caused by aging, having expert senior care is an absolute must.

Here are the possible repercussions of stress on your body:

  • Increases Your Risks of Heart Diseases.
    When you are stressed, your blood pressure increases, and with high blood pressure, you become more susceptible to heart-related issues, including heart attacks and stroke.
  • May Cause Insomnia.
    Stress can trigger overthinking, which, in most cases, prevents you from getting the sleep your body needs. And without adequate rest, your mental and physical health could be compromised.
  • Negatively Affect Your Mental Health.
    Stress is a contributory factor to a number of illnesses, including mental illnesses. High levels of stress can also trigger anxiety and may cause depression.

With such negative effects of stress to your health, the best way to avoid or limit such repercussions is by limiting stressors and by ensuring comfort. And the best way to do so, especially for seniors, is by availing companion care Glendale, Arizona. Or better yet, avail services from Phoenician Home Care, a trusted Home Care Agency in Arizona.

Ensure optimum health and comfort, as well as limit stressors, with the renowned Non-Medical Home Care in Phoenix, Arizona today!

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