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Proper Hygiene: Why is it Important?


Proper hygiene. It is how your care for your body. It also comprised of practices that keeps our bodies clean and neat, which includes proper handwashing, regular bathing, and overall proper grooming. However, with mobility issues caused by aging, practicing proper hygiene can be a bit of a struggle, so for instances like this, providing them with senior care or personal care aid in Phoenix Arizona can be an excellent choice. But what really makes practicing proper hygiene important?

Here are reasons why:

  • It Prevents Infections.
    Bathing, wearing clean clothes and keeping your body clean in general prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, both of which are responsible for infections even without an open wound.
  • Reduces Your Risks of Contracting Diseases.
    The best way to protect yourself from contracting illnesses, including the dreaded COVID-19 virus is by frequently washing your hand with soap and water. Doing so kills sickness-causing bacteria, germs and viruses, making it a reliable way of sickness prevention.
  • It Boosts Self-Esteem.
    Practicing proper hygiene keeps you fresh as a daisy, and it can even help you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. Also, good hygiene can make you feel good in your own skin, giving you a boost of confidence, which can help you create better interactions and relationships with other people.

If you or your senior folks need some assistance with proper hygiene and grooming, please contact Phoenician Home Care, a Non-Medical Home Care in Phoenix, Arizona, with a mission to improve seniors’ quality of life.

Whether you need companionship or assistance in personal care, rest assured that you can count on the trusted Home Care Agency in Arizona!

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