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Following a Low-Sodium Diet for Seniors


Proper nutrition plays an important role in the improvement and maintenance of a senior’s overall health and well-being. An unhealthy diet can affect a variety of factors in a person’s aging process, such as their blood pressure and kidney functions. And although there several culprits that may damage these factors, sodium is a major contributor to kidney and blood pressure-related conditions.

Following a low-sodium diet is important to healthy eating. And as a certified provider of professional Senior Care in Mesa Arizona, we highly encourage that seniors follow the recommendation given by the Food and Nutrition Board suggesting a low intake of about 1,200 milligrams of sodium/day for seniors after seventy years of age.

Tips to Lower Sodium Intake

We at Phoenician Home Care suggest you do the following things to lower sodium intake:

  • When buying groceries, carefully check nutrition labels and find products with low sodium content.
  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables rather than frozen ones.
  • Limit consumption of prepackaged and processed foods.
  • Avoid adding salt to dishes and instead use herbs and other spices.

It can be tricky for seniors to stay consistent with a new diet. Luckily, with the right Senior Care, your loved ones will get the assistance and care they need to continue living healthily.

Our Home Care Agency in Arizona would be more than happy to help!

We can provide your loved ones with personalized Non-Medical Home Care in Phoenix, Arizona to ensure that their care program is specified to meet their unique needs.

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